Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well weigh in over and done with and it went very well ;) I actually had a loss of 1.3 kilos so as its TOM and I had 2 celebrations last week im very impressed with that, as I walked in I was mumbling to myself lol 500 grams please 500 grams LOL so that gave me a loss of 1.3 kilos. I feel like I have things figured out now things are clicking. I set a mini goal for end of september to lose 4.6 kilos....so 3.3 kilos left yay

okies ill write more later after the presentation at work :)

Well its now later in the day...i still cant really say whats going on blah but i really wont know anything definite till start of October so shall put work out of my mind (well cept for the fact im at work lol)

The challenge this week for BLC was to do some thing 3 times thats out of my comfort zone. I prolly woulda liked to do that and ride a bike...except I dont have one,,,,thats something I do need to get tho I think id enjoy that.

Decided sunday I am going into town. Prouds have some gorgeous fiorelli watches on special for $69.99 so think I will get one as my 5 kilos reward and I mite go wander in the bookshop too and pick up a book or two. And then on monday I am getting foxtel IQ installed wooooo hoooooo i can start recording shows like gilmore gurls and yessssssssss jaxx huge gilmore gurls fan, and also huge wills n grace fan...lol...Jack cracks me up

Okies off to work I go hugsssssssssssssssssssssssss

PS thanks for all the comments i LOVE getting them !!!!


Hippygal said...

Congrats girl - you are doing bloody fantastic :)


Tania said...

You're gonna love Foxtel then :-) We got it mainly for the non stop kids channels (rather than buying DVD's for Lachlan) but we have an ongoing joke about how whenever you turn Arena on Will and Grace seems to always be on ... lol

kazz said...

lol it is it is i already have foxtel just getting the iq thingy installed so i can finally record shows...hehe wills n grace is never on enuff for me lol