Monday, September 04, 2006

Well weigh in day tomorrow. Not really sure how ill go, ive been good this week (if u exclude a slice of cake, 4 lollies and 2 glasses of champagne) but its also TOM sooooooo no idea how ill go i do feel kinda bloated, am hoping for a small loss still tho.

Have had a good weekend, yesterday was lazy and unproductive lol today ive been busyshopping, cleaning etc and this evening been relaxing in front of the tv watching gilmore gurls. ( loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that show) Tomorrow at work have a presentation to go to regarding restructuring etc have a strong sneaky suspicion about what were gonna be told (not the best news but not the worst either) ill fill u all in tomorrow more. This week i am also going looking for something from the jewellery store for my 5 kilos award...will see what i find. Okies gonna go watch just shoot me before ni all :)

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Hippygal said...

Good luck with the news re: work and weigh in. Gotta love the Gilmore Girls :)

Cheers Jaxx