Saturday, September 02, 2017

Weekly Reflection #1

So once again I have been slack posting! But....I have plans to change that :) From now on I am planning to do a weekly post titled "weekly reflection" which will be a wrap up of the week I just had and then 1-2 posts during the week on "topics". These are not topics where I am saying people should do this or that but simply reflections on my journey, things I have noticed, more aware of or trying to change. In the past my journal was too much "i went to the gym and ate this many calories" so the journal will be different and in time I want to put it on its own domain....but for now heres my first weekly reflection....

So this week was amazeballs! I weigh in on friday mornings and 1 week ago I weighed 113.8 kilos. And this week I was 110.8 kilos :) I stuck to my plan 100% and did 2 PT sessions. ( My gym attendance definitely needs improving!) I also went out on sunday for Pizza with my friend Tania so really cannot complain.

So that loss meant I hit a few goals. Firstly it means I FLEW past 60 kilos lost from my highest weight and put me at 62.3 kilos. Since I started with equalution (I started March 21) I have lost 12 kilos and since I got back on track last October 2 I have lost a total 22.8 kilos.

I have a few goals coming up too....getting under 110 kilos has been a bit of a dream for quite a few years. I remember when I gained my weight back....getting over 110 kilos it felt like overnight I got fat (obviously thats not true...its more a mindset thing) So as well as getting under 110 kilos...the next goal would be getting to 108.6 kilos by October 2. Managing to do that would mean I lost 25 kilos over the last 12 months.

My goal for the coming week is just to lose 500 grams after such a big loss this we are gunning for 110.3 kilos :)

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