Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday June 4 2017

So I weighed in on Friday morning and gained 500 grams taking me back to 114.5 kilos, but the girls think that is related to a increase in cortisol from returning to the gym - so all good.

While I returned to the gym this week I only did my PT sessions (slack kazz!) but this week I really need to get my chit together. I am going to try for monday-thursday then next sunday night. I must admit with it being so cold at the moment...Im not inclined to want to go to the gym...instead I just want to go home and get warm and watch TV. But this weight loss is a priority so need to get my ass into gear.

I was thinking this week about how when I gained the weight over the last 4-5 years how I "hid". I deleted a lot of people off facebook (like I am talking well over 100 in one sitting, not cos they did anything wrong but simply cos I felt humiliated). Gaining the weight was really embarrassing, and I dont think until recently I realised how much it impacted me. My blog was a big part of my journey, but then i went on a hiatus....for a long time now I have kept my facebook very locked down and only really been publicly on instagram. Its a lot easier on instagram....its a pic with a small caption. I am not sitting there writing about my journey and all the feels that come with it. But that said I think its start to come out of the social media ban more. My facebook group I deleted at the time and I have not been very active on - but want to get more active on it (If interested in following it the link is Journey  or simply search for "kazzs journey" on facebook. There were goals years become a personal have a supportive website (forums etc) for people to get support on weight loss journeys especially 100+ kilos....and i would have eventually liked to do meetups in different states and maybe even NZ too...those goals have been dormant for a LONG time! I didnt even realise those goals were still there. At the moment my focus is on me....and getting back to a healthy weight....but they are definitely goals that are way more in the forefront of my brain. (Maybe even a ebook about my journey down the path?) So yes I plan to be a lot more prominant on facebook...instagram....and maybe at some point you tube.

Tomorrow I am off and will be spending most of the day watching my niece play netball as part of sapsasa. Its so cold here I think I am gonna have to rug up super warm! I will also be taking my meals and no going off track. Interestingly since I started doing Equalution (I am in week 12) I have only eating lunch out once...(and that day I forgot my chicken for the day) every other day has been a lunch I have prepped at home and have only eaten dinner out twice....I think both these things have helped me with my losses (cos lets face it I am not a speedy loser!)

So if you want to follow me on any social media here is how you can find me:

My Fitness Pal : My username is itskazzsjourney
Facebook: The url is
Instagram: My username is kazzsjourney

Right off to do some work :)

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