Sunday, May 22, 2016

Owning it.

Yesterday went perfectly. I put on my post I used 4 of my weekly points but was actually 3 :)

The scales this morning went down again....down to 127.7 kilos. So far today ive eaten my mug muffin (ill include a pic of it from yesterdays) with strawberries and some chobani yoghurt (and only 6 smartpoints), I am about to have a soleil chocolate mousse for 3 points with the remainder of the strawberries.

I was reading this article . For those who dont know...there was a study from US biggest loser season 8 contestants...and they came to the conclusion that the contestants metabolism had dropped and a lot of them are posting on social media....this is why we gained the weight back. But jillian talked about this on her podcast and pointed out...that one they are 9 years older now...everyones metabolism drops as they get older....and she pointed out two of the people who have been most vocal about this (danny cahill and ali vincent) kept their weight off for 7-8 years while they did public speaking, sponsorships etc but it was when that all dried up they gained weight back. i wanted to mention this in case some of my followers have read this and thought it was hopeless...its just have to keep up the healthy eating and exercise or you will gain weight. Yes i gained a lot of weight back...not  because my metabolism dropped (and it would have cos im now older) but because i have eaten like ive been on a huge binge fest the last few years. And why? Cos i can. I can pull out every emotional baggage card i like...but thats the bottom line...i gave up on myself and decided to eat into oblivion. But ive realised i am no longer going to be a victim...or fluff it up...i gained weight cos i let bad habits creep back in. This is a life long battle. And what I realised last night....was this isnt a fresh start....or a new journey....its just getting back on the horse and doing what needs to be done...and doing it my way. This is my journey....I own one else one else has the responsibility for one has the benefits and negatives that will come from it...only I do....and so I am back.....and owning it.

I am still taking my break from the gym. But have decided when i do get back to the exercise....all my cardio is going to be done outdoors. Where I currently work there is a pretty lake 5 minutes from work i can walk around....and when work does move we will be 5 or so minutes away from the River Torrens where me and fiona use to do our running. It would feel a much safer environment for me to get into running there...I dont want to be running down main roads of adelaide LOL and since treadmills terrify me so much...I think this is kinda perfect. I can walk for a hour or so either before or after work depending on my shift. I will have to go back to doing some weight work too....but ill prolly just go to jetts for that. There is a personal training studio i was thinking about...but I think I am done investing so much money. I can do this myself I think. If i get to a point i need the exercise motivation then I will consider going there. Definitely while i will do weights....when i get down under 100 fitness goals will definitely be running and stair climbing. But for the next few months...ill just focus on my eating and walking when im in the mood.

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