Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So I have had a rough few days.

I have thought for a while I need to be back on antidepressants and prolly need to see a therapist. When I say a "while" I mean prolly over the last 6 months. But over the last 6-8 weeks I felt the time had come. The reason was not the weight gain, but more about my attitudes, wanting to hermit away, lacking interest in anything too much.

Anyway over the weekend I had a lil financial glitch. It was nothing overly major. But it flared my anxiety up to the point monday morning I woke up with sore eyes and a headache so I called into work sick. Monday night I barely slept. I rang the back tuesday it sorted out (where they told me it was highly unlikely to be a issue) and then as often happens when stress starts to leave me i got a migraine. I then had to go to the doctors....I turn up at the doctors and i am literally tshirt is actually damp and i feel like i am going to faint. I felt awful. My doctor wanted me to take the week off....but I cannot afford that so compromised and said i would have today off but go back on thursday. He has put me back on zoloft, and i have a appointment on the 23rd to set up a mental health care plan to set up appointments with a therapist/psychologist.

Today I feel better. I still have a slight headache...but I am up not in bed...doing a few bits and needs to be a big focus on my mental health. By focusing on that I think my physical health will improve too. So takes at the most 3 weeks to be effective....if not effective after 3 weeks i will double the dose.

Through out this...miraculously my eating has been better then ever (lol) and I think the foxy challenge has come at just the right time. Exercise for my mental health is going to be more important then ever.

I will be glad to be going back to work tomorrow...Getting back and being busy will help. As I have had a few sick days Ill try and do some overtime next week...not this week or weekend ill alow myself to recover...but the following weekend i have a 3 day weekend so i will prolly work on the saturday.

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