Monday, January 20, 2014

New week :)

Things are going very well and still feel really fact more at peace then I have in ages. Im currently aiming for up to 1750 calories. I will do a official weigh in on wednesday....and that night I will return to slim sessions. As of this morning my loss for the week so far is 2.8 kilos (cannot complain about that eh?) on wednesday night when i have my slim session I am going to tell the coach I want to weigh in with them but do my own thing. I really dont respond to eating what people tell me well ;) Also starting wednesday I will commence calorie cycling as stagnant calories everyday doesnt work overly well for me. So the break up of my cals will look like :

monday : 1900
tuesday : 1500
wednesday : 1500
thursday : 1600
friday : 1800
saturday : 2100
sunday : 1850

Lunchtime today had my sandwich then headed out for a short 15 minute walk...its like someone else has overtaken my body ;) Tonight I am off to the gym...30 minute boxing class followed by 20 minutes or so of running intervals and then a 60 minute body balance class. Body balance wont lead to a big calorie burn but hopefully will have burnt 500 calories by the time body balance starts.

Not much else going on ;)

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