Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My attitude to food :)

Ive still been thinking lots about what I want as goals as 2012. I truly think 2011 was a really good year :) I want to get down to 72 kilos by the end of May and then once there make a decision on whether I want to go further down or not (so another 11 kilos) I want to fit into a medium pair of Lorna Jane flashdnce pants and have them fit loose enough that I can work out in them. To run a 5km run (ahhhhhhhhhhh that may be a dream!) ... to challenge myself with different things at the gym...bootcamp...maybe the running group. And most of these things are all measurable goals....the big one that I have been thinking about lately and which is not my attitude to foods. When i started on this journey, the only vegetables i ate was potato, tomatos and onions LOL. Late 2009 i remember sitting down with Fiona and having this conversation where she said...go try one different vegetable which you have no misconceptions of. So i bought a eggplant....and actually liked it! Since then fiona and i discuss food quite regularly...readers of my journal would know i got very interested in organic foods...and started trying more foods. Over the last few weeks ive had a few chats with Fiona about how she maintains her weight without tracking food....what i realise more and more from these chats we have is that she has such a "healthy" attitude to foods...she eats lots of different foods...when going out for dinner will look for vegetarian options or fish...(not creamy laden pasta dishes like me!) She looks outside the box not sticking to the same things all the time...and aiming for a big variety...yet she will still if having a night out will have a glass or two of wine and maybe even some GOOD chocolate...i know my eating has improved a lot over the last few years. But i think it can still improve more. The last 6 months or so ive had the same breakfast and same lunch nearly every day. I wanna get back to having more variety...more foods...more barley...quinoa...a wider variety of salads...i think for this reason the 12wbt will be good for me as the meal plans are set...they will take a bit more preparation but im sure i can manage that. So once the 12wbt program finishes i will hopefully have more calorie friendly meals...hopefully it will lead me to discoverring more foods...and i really wanna focus on the attitude of food being what it really is and that is fuel .... but also learning to enjoy in moderation....trying new recipes (going to give that a whirl on my birthday not going for the normal food options!), not having chocolate every day (god this is worse then my diet coke habit i think!!)...i really do see fiona as a mentor and the more i talk to her the more i realise i hope more and more her attitudes to food and eating rub off on me. Im hoping with this focus i will slowly focus more on the nutrition AND fitness side of things. I want to get to that point where i dont look at it like "oh its xmas so i mite as well go have hungry jacks" or "ill just have this chocolate i will be back on track tomorrow" i want my mind to be healthy about it....and for it to lose importance in my life..."eat to live not live to eat".... January 1 i am going to start counting 1200 cals and following michelle bridges crunch time plan....cannot believe only 3 more days of the year left!!!

Work was hectic as today! GAWD thankfully tomorrow is my friday and then three days of again!! YAY!!

I have got in contact with a girl who is doing 12WBT who lives only a few streets away! So with luck we will get along and i will have someone to do a workout in the local area once or twice a week :) I am very sore from yesterdays training session with inner thighs are so sore...dread to think how they will feel tomorrow!! JEEPERS


20 to go! said...

I loved the food plan on 12wbt! It is yummy and a huge amount of variety. I was in Lorna Jane nd totally saw the book today and then went to thedeli and there u were again! Freaky!

kazz said...

saw me at the deli? lol

kazz said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm going to try your idea of a new vegetable tonight. I bought some bok chuy yesterday and am going to saute it with a bit of garlic and soy sauce. I'm hoping it will taste good :)