Sunday, August 07, 2011

Last night :)

Well dinner for my 5 years (or my 5 year "weigh-aversary" as my sister called it lol) was lovely. It was a early nite (how i like it - im old yanno! lol) but it was really nice...lovely food (altho i only ate half of mine!) The unfortunate thing was the tables in the restuarant either side of us were really close to us and the "fat girl" in me was worried about going and walking around them to talk to everyone that i wouldnt be able to get thru (gawd imagine if that happened when im celebrating 5 years of being healthy lol) As per the photos below i wore a maxi dress...i was REALLY worried about wearing it as its quite low cut...and so yes the girls definitely got a nite out lol...and i did feel very conscious of how low cut it was....but i loved that it was long....i felt very girlie in it :)

One interesting thing that occurred on the nite and ive been thinking about today is .... alcohol ;) Back in 2008 when i first started training with fiona....i was going out to golden dances and the wheaty etc a bit...i pretty much always got the time i thought i was doing it to relax me to make meeting new people easier (and i am sure there is some truth to that). Anyway since january 2009 i stopped that bad habit. I dont think i have even had 4 glasses in the last 2.5 years. Anyway last nite i decided to have a glass of wine with my dinner. I expected this morning the scales to go up (due to sodium from the bacon and how my body would react from the alcohol) anyway yesterday morning the scales were up to 89.7 kilos (argh!!!! think the fish and chips definitely caught up with me) and after taking a day of counting calories, having high sodium food and alcohol i expected to be over 90 kilos....but miraculously i was down to 89.3 kilos this morning :) Anyway must admit i enjoyed the luxury of having a glass of wine with dinner. When i got home i checked out the calories...only 98 calories for 150mls. But upon thinking about it...i really feel now that when i was bigger i drank the amount i did (altho i didnt drink heaps but when i did i definitely overdrank) to avoid how i was feeling. To escape the thoughts of "being the fat girl and being somewhere i didnt belong" its nice to think now...when i go out for dinner i can have a glass of wine and thats that. I can enjoy it for what it is but not have a need to get tipsy to avoid feeling negative and hating myself....i think this is good too cos its all about once i get to goal living in moderation.

Yesterday morning i gymmed it. Did 30 minutes walking on the treadmill. Then a 30 minute weight session. I actually did 80 kilos on the leg press....not bad when im around the 89 kilo mark....nearly leg pressed my weight....and the other funny thing i realised when we were doing chest press....was that the weights im doing now...while are a lil higher then i have previously ever done...because im so much smaller now....the fact im doing 40-50% of my actual body weight now is amazing. I then walked up 35 flights of stairs....and then did a 60 minute body balance class. While i dont wear a heart rate monitor anymore im pretty sure i would have burnt at least 700 calories (altho prolly closer to 1000 calories - impressive!)

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