Friday, July 15, 2011

A good Week!!

Gymmed it yesterday. We did a lil cross fit circuit...with a bunch of step ups on a rather high step....and i have the sorest butt today! lol Freakin sore!! lol Even sitting they just ache lol. It could also be related to the 10 flights of stairs someone made me jog up :(

As you could tell from the previous two posts i then went dress shopping. I bought two dresses the black and white print one and the blue one (numbers 2 and 3) altho not everyone loved them...i love them. They arent tight over my hips/stomach area....and they are soft, floaty type dresses which i loved....AND they were both size 14!!!! So i have decided the blue one i will wear to the to match shoes and accessories....i cant believe i am going to say this but i am considering red shoes ? If not maybe some silver ones. Just some girlie heels i think. If i get the red ones maybe a red ring to go with it? If silver im think just a silver necklace.

I am still sitting at 88.9 kilos...TOM is due in the next 5-6 days so its either cos of that, im on a plateau or i need to cut calories back. ive been much better with exercise this week...ive done:

mon - 20 minutes stairs + 30 min PT session weights + 45 mins body combat + 50 mins body jam
tues - 30 mins boxing + 45 mins step class
wed - 45 mins body pump + 45 mins body balance
thurs - 60 mins PT session cardio
friday - day off

Tomorrow i am planning to do body pump and body balance and if i wake early enough sh'bam as well....sunday i am doing RPM and body balance. Which will mean 10 hours of exercise....much better then previous weeks!!! Next week i am planning to do the same thing except no jam and combat monday night (as i have plans with tania) then do pump also tuesday nite and wednesday nite do free style cycle and sh'bam. Which would give me 11 hours of exercise...which i think 10-11 hours while on holidays is a nice balance without being excessive. I must say i really liked the step class...will do it next week as well...shame they only have it twice a week (its on directly before my double PT session on thursdays but i try not to do anything before that cardio session cos i know fiona is going to kill me) it would be nice to build it up to two times a week. But in the mean time to slowly work up the stairs for the westpac climb...ill keep doing the stairs with intervals of jogging up the week....twice a week then one step class and also doing them in the thursday PT session that should allow me to slowly build up my cardio fitness. Not that my fitness is awful...but jogging plus jogging up stairs is hard, especially as my lung capacity sucks !

If i dont lose this currently eating 1628 calories per day....ill reduce by 1000 calories over the week (down to 1485 calories per day) and if i then STILL stay the same....i mite go back up to what im currently eating....just switching it all over the place may get things moving, or it could be simply a case of my cycle affecting things (at this stage at least i havent gained) 88.9-89 kilos is becoming a horrid number for me !!! lol

I really made a point this week to refocus on my goals...and im so glad i did. Even tho the scales havent moved its still been a good week and ive definitely started to get out of being so complacent and got some of my drive back to getting to that magic number of 76 kilos. Sometimes we just have to put ourselves first...and we are all different....and we work in different ways....and the sooner we realise that doing things OUR way...meeting OUR needs in the way that works for us...the more successful we will be.

I have also decided definitely come early-mid year next year i will do the PT studies that i have talked about on and off. I will be at goal then and hopefully will have started to maintain my weight...which will allow me to focus on the next goal in my life...but until dating/relationship stuff....keeping my socialising limited as it was 3 or so months ago...out to dinner with friends but avoiding alcoholic nites socialising wont be a big part of my life for the next 6 months and wont have a negative impact in me reaching my goals.

Tonite im trying my hand at making Chicken Tikka Masala with barley...hopefully it turns out....and am planning to do some baking this its a "foodie" weekend LOL...and with that have a good active weekend people!!!

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