Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hit 89.8 kilos and Progress Pics

I hit a new low of 89.8 kilos today (total loss = 81.8 kilos)! And so in light of that I have uploaded some progress pics

Before pic - april 2006

comparison shots feb 2011 (approx weight 102.5 kilos) versus today 89.8 kilos


Natalie said...

"a new low" sounds a bit wrong..... what about 'hit a dizzying new high in the 80's'?


Fantastic results Kazz

Erin said...

Freaking amazing!!!! Your hard work and dedication has definitely paid off! You look terrific!

Hippygal said...

Awesome stuff - you are looking bloody fantastic :-)

To Band or not To Band? said...

fuck!!!! sorry no way else to comment on THOSE PHOTOS!

Gill said...

Fantastic Kazz! Looking amazing!

jo said...

I'm sorry, I haven't been reading blogs consistently for awhile (my own funk) But wow, oh wow, what have I missed! You look FANTASTIC!!!

Way to go, Kazz! I am SO happy for you!