Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally a update.....

Well what a lil neglectful journal this has become of late! So now that i have a puter time to do a update i guess!!

Weight loss wise....things are going okay. Last week i hit 90.8 kilos taking my total loss to 90.8...all week i had stayed a few hundred grams below that and then yesterday i jumped up...this morning i was 91.6 kilos....i did have a bit of sodium yesterday. So hopefully it will settle back down over the next few days. My eating has been good and i have been madly, this week i did 16 hours and 23 minutes of exercise and burnt 5400 calories. So i have exercised the last 6 days. Tomorrow i am having off and cannot wait. A day to relax around the house ... i might go out for a walk but thats it. As part of my exercise i have been doing 2 one hour sessions of crossfit per week....OMG so freaking hard! Its lots of jumping...burpees...weight work...running...squats...lunges....full on and really hard. I hated it initially but im coming around in relation to that....also its enabled me to get to know some other gym members which is good. Fiona has also been setting me "homework" this week was a chest exercise and 30 minutes on the rower. OMG 30 mins on the rower was doing my head in...had tried twice and only made it to about 10 minutes....but this morning i lasted the full 30 minutes YAY. So in the 30 minutes i rowed 5586 metres :) I am hoping all this cardio and crossfit stuff will help a lot with the toning side of things.

Being 91 kilos is really quite bizarre. 15 kilos to the magical 76 kilos number (altho i think i will eventually try and go lower then that), to think a kilo or so and i am a 80's girl is beyondddddddddddd bizarre. I can honestly say i never truly expected to get down to where i am now lil own under 90 kilos. Of course from day one the goal was to reach 76 kilos...but really that seemed so unlikely....and while it seems more likely still doesnt seem believable. But i still have plenty of fat on i know theres plenty of fat still to lose. Its kinda bizarre to think i could end up even more toned and smaller. Im currently a size 18 on the bottom and size 16 up top...which i know is still large sizes...but considering i was in a size 28+ at one stage its amazingggggggggggggggg. Truthfully i could prolly stay at this weight now and be quite happy with myself....i dont feel "awful" about me anymore...i certainly dont love my body at this stage but i also dont hate it. But to stay at this weight would basically be giving up and would leave me disappointed so will continue to struggle on with this weight loss deal.

Around home things are good too....had a inspection this week...all went well of course...i obviously bought a new puter YAY...rather loving it and makes me realise how bad my old puter was...this one barely heats it!!! I also went and bought a new bed and mattress which arrives this week. I also went shopping at Lorna Janes yesterday,,,,spent nearly $300....oooooops!!!! heres a couple of pics of a couple of tops i bought...

In relation to the "dating" all is going nicely...she is a very busy woman and we have decided to go we are definitely still in the "getting to know each other" stage...but im in no that is all at a really nice place.

Tonite is a quiet nice at home....all i wanna do is stay warm!!! Tomorrow night going out for dinner with Jaimee...out for greek! should be super nice.

Have a good day all...i promise...more frequent updates!!!!


Pinky said...

Awesome News Kazz - glad to see you are back and doesn't a new computer make all the difference!
Love the tops

Gillian said...

Hey Kazz

I also Crossfit! Which box are you training out of?