Friday, May 27, 2011

Today is my last day at work before my long service leave! My computer died last weekend so over the next 2 weeks i doubt there will be many updates.

Life is going pretty dandy tho. The girl i met i am still seeign quite regularly...i told her i like her and shes told me that she wants to keep spending time with me and getting to know me...that she gets into relationships slowly...which all works for me! And in fact she is planning to join my gym next week. So in relation to her i am in a very happy place :)

I have knucked down more this week with food and exercise. Last saturday morning i was 94.9 kilos...yesterday morning 92.9 all good :) And back into the exercise rather well this week too. Fiona set me "homework" this week....70 flights of stairs....which i completed over 2 days. And i also have to do 30 minutes on the rower...which will be blooming interesting since i have never done more then about 9-10 minutes on it

But everything in life is going pretty nicely...i dont work again till sept 19 after im ready for lots of workouts and lots of relaxation catching up with friends


To Band or not To Band? said...

I bet you are stoked! SO this may mean we can catch up in july when I am in radelaide???

Tania said...

I look forward to seeing the transformation that you achieve over the next 4 months!

kazz said...

A- definitely can catch up!