Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well...the end of the year is really coming to a end eh? Its always a good time for reflection....and when i look at it....i:

* lost just over 30 kilos this year
* completed the city to bay (10km walk)
* my fitness increased
* im more toned
* I finally started attending fitness classes and still am attending them!

So I did accomplish some things this first weigh in back in the new year eve is going to calculate the centimetres i lost this year. :)

Which leads me to think about the new year...the plan is:

Nutrition : to eat as clean as possible...and to really zero in and make sure my eating is all natural, good healthy foods, Ill be seeing a PCOS dietician and as always ill be reading lots and taking the bits and pieces of info i view and read to work "my plan"

Fitness wise...I wanna do the mothers day classic walk, million paws walk, city to bay (the dream would be to register as a runner and run the first 6km and walk the last 6km but i dont know if that is really doable), the westpac stair climb, and well any other funruns/walks i find!
february-april i am going to do the foxy challenge at the gym...and we might even get a lil competitive and try and do really well at it :)
august - november i am on long service leave. This is going to be a great time to really focus in on things, as i will have the freedom and time to get to every fitness class i want to aim would be per week...2 body pump classes, 2 body combat classes, 1 body balance class, 3-4 cycle classes, 1 body jam class per week...combined with my 3 PT sessions per week.

If the gym does a boot camp whilst im on long service leave i WILL do it.

I am not going to put the expectation on myself to reach goal in 2011...but i certainly wanna aim for a 15 kilo loss with toning of my body...and my health drastically improving. (only need to lose 300 grams per week to meet this)

I think focusing on fitness goals may be more productive for me then focusing on numbers on the scales.

I think if i manage all those things...come next year I can again be thinking its been a successful year!


kathiej said...

And in 2011 you are going to see what you need to do to do your PT course hey??

kazz said...

Yes! I am surprised I didnt include that LOL....definitely will be enrolled with whichever institute by end June :)

kathiej said...

Yeah I thought you could do it while on long service leave