Sunday, April 18, 2010

So last nite was a really good nite with the Adelaide ww girls. We went to this pub which has like a outdoor courtyard. I had the yummiest meal...a entree of warm pita bread with a dip of basil and pine nuts and then for my main i had szuechin duck it was my high calorie day i went there with 1380 calories to was a delishus meal. Got home about 10.30pm was a nice nite out. Add to that i burnt 430 calories at the gym yesterday it was all good.

I am really impressed with the new photo (see previous post) i have to finally admit when looking at that pic i can see me getting smaller. Altho when i look in the mirror i dont see it as much...but its simply further proof what i am doing is working. And the last month of so it has stalled a lil but really time to up the ante and get stuck into all of this. Tomorrow nite i have PT and it is core/agility and i will have time before i see fiona to do my running/stairs/xtrainer and i i wont be too spent by the time i am ready for my session with her.

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Martine (email: said...

You certainly are getting smaller, I noticed a big difference since the last time I saw you. The major area I noted was your hip area, certainly majorly reduced.