Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Post

Well tomorrow is a new year. The past 3 1/2 years of this weight loss is over. In a lot of ways i feel like its been the practice run for 2010. Yep ive done good but not as good as i could have done. This year showed me fitness and all the challenges that come with it are not out of my reach. My new life and what i am grabbing is about to happen. I am not going out tonite. I dont want to start MY new year with a hang over. Thruout 2010 i am not going in any chat rooms except the pink sofa one (which i dont go in often anyway lol), as of tomorrow its starting to count my 1800 calories per day....and tomorrow i will get in some exercise too then saturday back to the gym ! Today im back on the water face has broken out and i am sick of it. And with that....this is my last post on this journal. I have decided its time for this part of "kazzs journey" to close. The new url is so add it to your faves...and i will see you there in 2010 !

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LellyJ said...

Happy New Year, Kazz!