Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday September 20

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ! And feeling much better! Let me back track. Went to the docs on friday (and to the two smartasses - and u know who i mean! - the doc is a male indian lol) he told me i had a virus and a allergy to the virus...i dont really understand what that means...except it means bloody expensive nasal sprays! I am taking otrivan which is just over the counter stuff but also this other stuff which cost $47!!! I have to take it for the next month....and that ones for the allergy. When i rang up my boss on friday she sound awful....yup no chit! LOL My voice is a lot better altho still a lil croaky but i think thats from the spray as it has steroids in it. Then last nite i go upstairs and friggin fell and have one bruised pinky toe! LOL i cant take a trick i swear. After being stuck indoors i am so ready to get back into things!

Today i went looking at dresses...but i wasnt brave enuff to try one on cos i became convinced my hips will look the size of a elephant in them, so i didnt. I then bought a mp3 player...i so needed a new one...its a 8GB one...can store music, videos and super excited. I downloaded cardio coach and so will put it on it. Its got a colour screen and u recharge the battery via ur pc...bargain! My last one used AAA batteries and was expensive constantly buying batteries. Oh you can tune in radio stations too so im pretty impressed.

I am making that muffin recipe i mentioned earlier in the the moment its soaking (needs to for 2 hours) then i will mix in the flour and bake em...people at fernwood rave about this hopefully its nice...has all bran in em so will have lots of fibre...if they are nice ill post the recipe tomorrow.

Im so keen to get back into everything...back to my routine...back to the gym...only another 10 days and then the gym will close for 5 days and then yippee we move to our new gym...will be like rejoining a new place...will be interesting to see the new classes timetable.

When i was sick the first few days i couldnt drink soft i didnt...what happened? the bloody scales dropped by TWO KILOS! started drinking the pepsi max again and wats happened? Yep back to what it was before. So when i went to do the shopping pepsi max! I bought a bottle while shopping (habit of mine) but i didnt buy any to bring home...instead i bought 10 litres of water so i have nice tasing water to drink at home! Funny how slowly our tastes amazes me how well im eating lately...havent had any kind of takeaway foods for prolly the last 7-8 weeks and it hasnt been a big drama at all ! Its helped that the main thing my dietician has focused on is me not getting bored (why she gave me the muffin recipe) and must admit that helps that i am not allowing myself to get bored.

Okay off i go...need to pop down the shop and get some self raising flour for this recipe...enjoy all !

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Tania said...

LOL - you're the only person I know who would get allergic to a virus! Glad to hear you're on the improve.

OMG @ Pepsi max - I drink it too! I wonder if i'd notice a difference if I stopped.

And calling Jody a smart ass on your blog really isn't nice kazz ... lol