Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday July 4

Good lawd! The last 24 hours feel exhausting ! As per my previous post i weighed in lost 4 kilos and and now under 130 kilos...i must admit i am slightly worried that the scales were wrong as 4 kilos just seems to much. I questioned eve on them and she was like "im 150% that weight is correct" so will just have to see what happens next week.

THEN i lost my friggin mobile phone ! -cries- i left it in the back of a taxi and the next passengers who got in took it ! The taxi company rang them on their phone and they admitted they have it but everytime i ring it it rings out and now it is switched off grrrrrrrrrrrrrr and on top of internet isnt working ! So i have to fart ass around with that tonite.

Im not sure what to im quite lost without my phone...fiona texts me most training days to alter my times to better phones so i really need it. My mum has a very old phone of mine at her house i mite have to get it back off her...and buy a new sim card, that or ill go looking at phones on the weekend. Plus my home internet isnt working hahahahah lawd what freaking next !

PT tonite with fiona think we are doing weights again.

AND we got our bonus letters today which detail how much our bonus will be next week YAY YAY


Jody said...

Dufus!! How could you lose your phone??

kazz said... it was me ....quite easily :)

Kathiej said...

I do hope you blocked out going calls so they can't run up your bill

kazz said...

hi kathie - yeh i did in fact i blocked the phone and the sim card so they cant even use the phone with a different sim card ;)