Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uh oh got a virus

So im home today...lets go back to yesterday....finished work at 3pm and headed home...debated should i or shouldnt i go for a walk....anyway decided yes so walked 3.58 kms...took me about 50 minutes and when i got home i was dead...i was tired, sweaty and my feet hurt...but i only had 10 minutes before i had to go and shower and get ready for the gym...i woulda loved to skip it...i was so tired but i went...anyway got there...and was there 30 minutes i got on the bike and cycled at a VERY slow place. Then I did my PT session...i was dragging ass...i was so tired. But I did do the session...when we did the single rows ... which im doing 15 kilos fiona was like karyn i didnt even expect u would do weights this heavy ! lol then we did the stabilising exercise which is standng on these things heres a link so theres 2 of them next too each other...thn i stand one foot on each and do squats...initially i did them in front of a bar to hold on too...then she said...try and take ur hands off the bar...i was like i dont think thats fiona got on them and did them and so i was like oh okay it is then i tried taking my hands off the bar...and it seemed to go anywayyyyyyy (gawd i ramble) she puts the half ball things in the middle of the gym with nothing to hold on to but her arm lol now so i get up and start doing them and shes like....u can hold on to my arm if u need too...grabbing onto it isnt a sign of weakness...but guess what? I did it ! In the first series of them (i do 12 squats each set) i did lose my balance once and stepped off....the second set i again lost my balance but without stepping off or grabbing fionas arm i did rebalance myself...and fiona was sooooooo impressed....she was like thats the best thing we have accomplished this 6 weeks...that has so much impact then the higher weights...she then said...i hope that has put a tick in the column in ur brain where u think u cant do things but u actually can lol.

THEN she saidso when are u coming to the gym this week? I was like...well...ive been walking outdoors more but i will come and do bodypump on she was like....why arent u using the treadmill? I said...i hate petrifies me...she is like is this about balance? i said im CONVINCED i am gonna roll over my ankle and fall down and smack my she said...i dont care if u dont use the treadmill cos it doesnt float ur boat...but i dont want u not using it out of fear .... so she was like i want you to start using the treadmill again...going slower but with a higher im like okay (altho i think i was giving those gawd damn treadmills a filthy look lol) then as i was walking out of the gym she said...dont forget...treadmill on a incline guess i gotta use that damn treadmill?

Anyways so i then left....and i swear i was gonna throw up...i felt so ill...i didnt even have the energy to put my mp3 player i came home and pretty much went straight to bed. This morning i still feel i went to the docs...he puts my name in the computer and a pop up comes up saying "abnormal bloodtest" so he has a look and tells me my ESR is high (googled it and its to do with plasma in ur blood cell and from what i gathered tends to suggest inflamation) so anyway i tell him how im feeling and i say i think i over did it he is i think u have a virus but u feel worse cos of the exercise...he said i dont want u to cut back on the exercise...but at the same time remember the toll it can take. So he has told me to leave exercise till the end of the i wont exercise today and tomorrow and then i will go to the gym friday nite,,,,,with the plan of 20 minutes on the goddamn treadmill...20 minutes on the bike....5 minutes on the rower...then SOMEONE (jody) has suggested recently i try to start working up the epileptical trainer...i have done it recently on level ZERO and i last one minute LOL i will aim on friday for TWO minutes...lets take things slowly LOL The rest of the day i am planning to rest,,,,and make suretomorrow i am feeling great...have a good day all

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Tania said...

Oh no, sorry to hear you're sick again! But what AMAZING determination you have to still be exercising when feeling like that.

Hope you feel better soon mate.