Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday I didnt do a hell of a lot. Laid in bed ill close to 12.30pm lol watching biggest loser US series 2...i just discovered 2 of the people in that series ended up getting so im really into it...its rather good.

The gym rang me this morning and they are putting my direct debit off for a week...yet another reason why i love this gym. Anyway went into the gym did 30 minutes on the treadmill...upping the grade to feet seem to be handling it better not so long ago the burning of my feet woulda stopped me way before 30 minutes.

Am now back home watching dr phil and then oprah...then heading over to mums. I am cooking them dinner im making my version of chicken pollo pasta and tia maria bananas minus the tia maria for dessert lol

Tomorrow morning i am catching up with 4 friends i went to school with for morning too...should be interesting...they are all mum so i hope it aint child care talk hahahah

Okies off i go..have a good day all =]


Kathiej said...

Hey kazz

So dessert will be just banannas
have a great break

Tania said...

lol @ child care talk - I catch up with girls from my mums group regularly and the last thing we talk about is the kids!