Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What the hell next???

Well yes the layout is back to the boring old black one as it seems the bandwidth for the image on the old one (hosted by whoever i had the layout from) has exceeded, so temporarily its back to this layout.

I am sittin here in amazement for how this week has panned out. Sunday I sat here posting im gonna do all this exercise and go to classes and i havent been ONCE. Okies heres the story to give u all some light entertainment ;)

Friday i hurt my back while out shopping which is such a dicky thing to do anyway. So i am using voltran cream on my back. I have a ulcer so im not allowed anything with ibuprofen in it...the cream has ibuprofen in it but as im not digesting it im thinking its fine. I put some on my back last nite within 40 minutes im in imense pain and on the phone for a ambulance (doctor has told me in the past call a ambulance when i get these attacks) so in the ambulance they give me this gas stuff thru a pipe but im like nooo its making it after 5 minutes i stop taking it...i get to the hospital and of course its melbourne cup day and the waiting room is filled with people who have injured themselves while drunk...some are guy is out cold. It was a pure joyful experience (take note of my tongue in cheek when i say that)after 90 minutes and still no doctor seeing me (the guy sitting next to me had had a mild stroke and he wasnt getting in to see a doc either !) i go up to the counter and say how long...only to have the worst dizzy spell and feeling like im going to throw finally they get me on a bed. By this time tho the pain has minimised (prolly due to the pipe the ambulance guy gave me) so then its like 1am and finally they give me my discharge letter and im thinking thank gawd i jsut wanna go home and crawl into bed. So i go call for a busting for the loo...go do my business and go to walk out and wat happens (remember i was kinda high from that gas stuff lol - well thats my excuse and im sticking to it !)theres water on the floor i slip and come down on their damn concrete tiles on my ankle and knee ! i some how manage to get up and think gawd should i go see the doc? but by this point im sick of the hospital and just want home i came my knee is bruised and my ankle looks like theres a huge egg stuck to it LOL it is feeling a bit better tonite not throbbing so mcuh. SO its a few days of relaxing for me. I had to go down the shop today (5 minute walk) i swear it took me 40 minutes with my limping LOL. I did do as my dietician said and made a new recipe tonite ! omg so nice ! its out of the biggest loser was spinich and bacon fried....then u add 1 teaspoon of oil, 2 table spoons of lemon juice, lemon rind, some chilli, garlic, capers and i also sprinkled a lil low fat feta cheese over it and had it over pasta....was so damn yummi. Okies my mobile phone just rang and its downstairs ! GAWD !!!!

okies heres todays tracker

b - 3 weetbix with milk and honey
s - slim shake
l - baked potato with ham, low fat sour cream, low fat cheese, pineapple and chives
s - ?
d - bacon and spinich pasta

OKies im off to watch tv...fingers crossed i stay safe ! LOL

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Hippygal said...

Bugga - hope you are feeing better soon.