Monday, June 23, 2008

Love days off...mmmm

Well today I am off and tomorrow and I am having a lovely relaxing day ! I have a load of laundry on....dishes are done and Ive tidied up. So now I am relaxing. Just watched dr phil and oprah is just starting now. Its been very nice, played in a couple of gammon wise..another spot on day so far...still have 13 1/2 points left and i have already had lunch.

Was reading the latest slimming & health magazine last nite and i noticed something interesting...all the makeovers stories....on their new menu plans....everyone of them was eating protein shakes. 2 of the ladies went to the same personal trainer so dunno if that was why....but was interested ....

Yesterday i had my bi-monthly one on one session and my team leader put on the report "karyn needs to make sure she looks after herself maximise her attendance" eek ! Wasnt said badly or anything but it certainly puts another light on the fact i HAVE to do this.

The new top i bought a few weeks ago I wore yesterday is a lil looser around my tummy...its not huge on me but certainly is a lil looser which is a good sign. I was reading something the other day that said when changing ur life so make one change every 3 all ive done this week is focus on points...not on exercise...not on water...not on anything else...and thats gonna be the focus for another two weeks and then i am going to start to include a LIL exercise.

Okies off to watch oprah...enjoy all !

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