Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well this is a post I really debated over whether to post or not...i am over weightloss...completely completely over tired of counting points, scales, worrying about whether ive had a loss or not..stressing over if i havent loss then why not. Im also tired of all the money ive spent on it over the last 2 years. I mean I am really glad and proud I lost the initial 34 kilos...but right now im done...i need a break from it all...and i know most people are thinking well thats it shes gonna put all her weight back on...hopefully i wont but im also making no headway with the way things are at the moment. Initially I thought just dont post...end of story. But Ive decided to keep the journal going and hopefully in time something will click and i will get my head in the right place to lose the weight. So i will keep posting but it will be very minimal if any weight loss talk.

Ok other stuff...was in a slight bingle last nite...was in a taxi and the taxi driver hit a cyclist...wasnt pleasant but the cyclist didnt appear too injured and the taxi driver took him to hospital so would presume all is ok.

Looking forward to the golden dance...meeting twinkz there and theres another 4 girls we know who will be there as well and this morning i had a message on the sofa from a girl who asked if I minded if she comes across and says which of course i said ... of course come on over ! LOL gawd what a tart i can be.

Im really dying for this weekend...this week just has seemed sooooooooooooo long and i am really over it and really need a couple of days away and some goddamn sleep ins ! I am hanging out for saturday morning for a good long sleep in.

Okies not a lot else going on...enjoy all =]


Kerry said...

Oh wow, now that I have a blog I can leave comments on yours as well!! Look at that! lol.
Maybe a break isn't such a bad thing . You might just need a month off to relax about it all again a bit?

Shrinking Tardie said...

Kazz - hope that the break works for you mate. Hold on to how far you've already come. Wish I had a spare light bulb moment to share around.

I am, however, stoked that you're going to continue blogging so I can keep up to date with what you're up to!

Hugs hun....Nat

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! It is always about the weight loss in life isn't it? You sound a lot like me, i have the tools, but I have not got the head stuff sorted yet! I don't believe I can do it and doubt myself all the time. It doesn't matter what programme you follow, you got to sort out the head stuff first.

And if work it out, then let me know!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im a WW girl who was doing WW when you started- I have visited your blog a handful of times over that time and just dropped by again tonight... cant believe the change in you! You really do look like a different person. Congratulations on the weight you have lost! You are inspirational!!